Right from childhood days, children are expected to excel in their academic performance. Certain subjects however hold more importance over others. English, Maths, computer and science are some of those subjects that hold more importance over the others. In this article we will share of some tips that will help a CBSE student to excel in English and score more marks in the subject. So, let’s get started.

  1. Do not be Excessively Fussy over Grammar – This is one of the biggest mistakes that parents make their children do. Being excessively fussy over the grammar of a language will only make it difficult to learn the language. Learning grammar is necessary to understand the framework of a language and how it should be used but going overboard with its usage might prove as a hindrance in learning the subject.
  2. Speak as Much as You Can – This is a very simple way to get a good grab over a language. The more you speak that language, the better are your skills at it. This is one of the prime reasons why some schools are so stringent when it comes to ‘speaking in English’ in the school premise. Parents who are comfortable speaking the language should obviously speak the language with their children at home. That will strengthen their skills and also improve the grammar as well.
  3. Help from CBSE English Books – A book that is loaded with knowledge will only make it difficult for students to learn and grasp the core of the content. So, if you are a CBSE student, you should buy CBSE English books that are crisp and easy to understand. Teachers and parents can certainly help in choosing such books.
  4. Read the Textbook Aloud – Believe it or not, but reading it aloud will make you feel more comfortable in the language. When you are preparing for your exams or revising, go through your CBSE English textbook aloud. That way, those listening to it might also help you, if you go wrong somewhere.
  5. Follow the ‘Summary First’ Rule -This is a very effective rule that can help you fetch better marks in your English exams. So, when you are studying literature, go through the summary of each story or poem first before you read the text. It has been found that students grab the content better when they are briefed about the context first. Especially when you are reading literature where old English has been used, it is not easy to grasp the text. In such cases, this rule is found to be very effective.

These are the five rules that can help you get a better grasp over CBSE English. Follow each of these points and you will certainly find it an easier task to score better and enjoy the subject. On a concluding note, it must be said that books are the most important things in the process of learning a subject. So, be careful in choosing the books and buy CBSE English books that are recommended by the council and buy them from a reputed store.


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