English is known to be a business or corporate language across the globe. Whatever be the religion, caste, and language of an individual, English turns out to be a mandatory language if one desires to grow in the business arena.

Here are 7 golden rules for English speaking that help in effective and successful communication in all phases of life:

First rule is to speak slowly and clearly. Make sure that whatever you speak is very clear and audible. Grasp a command over your words rather than pressurizing yourself to grasp command over language in the initial learning period. Once you’ll gain command over words, fluency will come automatically.

Second rule is to speak with confidence. Unshaken words and voice always create a good impression. If you are confident about how you speak and communicate then some faults are always ignored but if there is no confidence in your voice then even the smallest mistakes are noticed.

Third rule is to think in English. It is said rightly that if you want to gain confidence and fluency in a particular language then you should always think in that language. This habit of thinking develops your mind in a way that whatever you think automatically comes out in a perfect manner.

Fourth rule is to be a good listener. You should always listen to various interview, talk shows, debate, and discussions. By being a good listener you can grasp words used in the conversation and can also learn how and where you can use them. Over a period of time your mind will have a better understanding of different words which in turn will help you improve your spoken English.

Fifth rule is to be a good reader. To gain more confidence and fluency in the language it is a better idea to read more of books and newspapers. At one end where listening helps you develop a sense of pronunciations, reading can be beneficial to enhance your grammar, word power, and vocabulary.

Sixth rule is the use of dictionary. Using a dictionary you can learn new words and try using them in your daily conversation. You can also learn pronunciation of difficult words using the dictionary.

Seventh rule is consistency. There should always be a consistency in whatever you do to gain mastery. You should practice daily and make it a daily habit of reading newspaper or books and listening to talk shows or debates. Learning should be a constant process to speak fluent English.


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