Exterior necessities for a superb English imply simplicity, depth and the educative worth. If these necessities are fulfilled the language turns into simple to grasp, having depth and naturalness on the identical time. However good English requires one thing greater than the exterior necessities solely i.e., the construction of the sentences themselves should conforms to the principles of grammar and all its branches corresponding to determine of speech, phrases,idioms, and so forth, in brief, good English should additionally fulfill the interior necessities together with exterior ones.

What are then the interior necessities? These embrace the

(a) Settlement of the verb with the topic in individual and quantity.

(b) Appropriate use of participle.

(c) Consideration to gender.

(d) Appropriate use of tenses.

(e) Makes use of of shall and can; ought to and would.

(f) Appropriate use of verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions.

(g) Order of phrases in sentence.

(h) Idioms.

(i) Figures of speech.

(j) Use of single phrases for teams of phrases.

(okay) Use of apt phrases denoting numerous sounds.

(l) Use of phrases indicating offsprings of animals.

(m) Use of phrases displaying assortment.

(n) Use of diminutives.

(o) Some miscellaneous expressions.

(p) Properties of individuals, animals, and birds.

(q) Phrases expressing the cries of varied animals and birds.

(r) Some widespread place comparisons and so forth. Allow us to subsequently see how a few of these inner necessities assist us to prove good English.

The primary inner requirement is that in a easy sentence, the verb should agree with the topic in quantity and individual: in any other case the sentence grow to be inaccurate and such errors prove poor English.


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