There are many ways you can try and learn French. You can go to French evening classes, which are often held in local colleges. This means you physically go to them and it is quite a lot like being at school. You will have lessons and even homework to do! So this isn’t everyone’s favourite choice. Other people prefer to learn French online and follow one of the popular websites that offer the service. One thing missing though is learning how to pronounce French phrases correctly. Learning the French alphabet and correct pronunciation is key to speaking French fluently, so it may be one thing you should put more focus on.

What is surprising is that French pronunciation will take quite a lot of practice, yet not a lot of courses teach this effectively. After all, why learn all the words and phrases when you can’t say them correctly? So you should learn as much as you can about the pronunciation and the French alphabet itself.

The alphabet is the same as the English one but the letters are pronounced differently. Mainly in the way you use your tongue and lips to say them. It is important not to obstruct the sound with your lips. Try to move them as little as possible when speaking. This will take some practice!

Some of the online French tutorial courses will teach you pronunciation but if you don’t want to pay for them, then why not listen to French people talking in movies or short films. This will give you a good understanding of how to pronounce certain words and phrases. Make sure you practice them as much as you can. This will be your number one key to speaking French like the French do.

So go through and learn the French alphabet and how to correctly pronounce each letter and it will come in handy when used in sentences. If you’re serious about Learning French fast, then you should do this at least once everyday. Just take a few minutes out of your schedule and say the alphabet once of twice. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick up and start saying the letters and words as the French do.


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