You can spend your life waiting for a big publisher to discover you or you can get out and be your own publicist. The choice is yours. If you want to start promoting your own work or your business, it is easy to get started. You simply have to start posting your articles wherever they’ll be accepted and print them with dignity and your resource box. For the greatest success, offer articles that are well matched to the target audiences of those to whom you’re making the offer.

For even better results, offer your content to websites that have the same general topics as your website. This will help you to both get recognition in your area of expertise and to communicate to the search engines what your site is all about. If the site where you wish to publish your article is a good one, it may be worth considering a link swap in order to close the deal.

Remember throughout the process that you’re doing this to promote yourself through your writing. If you want your writing and the content therein to be taken seriously, you must use good grammar. Your grammar will be the basis of judgments people make about your quality and credibility, both as a person and as a business entity. Don’t get caught up in using colloquialisms in your content. This is particularly important in a global era. Stick to the base English language in order to provide clarity to the broadest possible audience.

Remember that you are not just going to be judged by the content of your articles. The grammar in your communications with website content editors is just as important. You can’t expect them to take you seriously as a content author without clear communication skills. Always conduct yourself with a spirit of professionalism.

Even if you’ve edited your article several times, edit it again before sending it on to the website content editor. It will generally only take one blunder to forever alienate a website, especially if that error makes it through to the published edition of your article before it is discovered. Your article helps form both your own brand image and that of the site that publishes it.

Don’t self-promote in your articles. Good articles will speak for themselves. Nobody wants to publish or read an article full of hype or outbound links. If the quality of your article is high, a single author link should be more than sufficient to improve your site traffic.

Finally, if you’re submitting your article to open article directories to be republished by whomever wishes to do so, be sure you have had the article on your own site a while first so that you establish clear copyright.


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