When you get your handwriting analyzed by a professional handwriting expert, you can get more insight into your own personality, revealing deep personality traits within your character. Knowing and understanding these traits can help you improve your personality, if needed.

When you get handwriting of your friends and/or family analyzed by a professional handwriting expert, you gain more understanding of the person whose handwriting has been analyzed. Having such an insight into the personality of the other person, you can easily avoid personality clashes, and enjoy happier personal relationships.

Let me give you an example..

Take a look at the lowercase o’s below:

1. Right Knotted o’s shows a person is not completely honest with others. The person doesn’t necessarily intend to lie to you (or others), but it happens. It’s just the way he/she is.

2. Double Knotted o’s shows a person is not honest with others, as well as self. The person might just be kidding himself/herself into thinking something which he/she is not. It’s not a disease though. I mean, haven’t you met someone who claims he can be the next singing sensation, and the moment he opens his mouth, you aren’t sure if you’re going to laugh, get angry, or just run away from the scene?

3. Open o’s shows a person is talkative, but not necessarily honest. Hey, everyone knows someone like this! Talk talk talk and talk some more, and before you know it, lies become facts, and you aren’t sure if facts remain as facts, or not.

4. o’s open on the left shows a person talks behind others’ backs. Again, this person might not intentionally try to harm you or your reputation. And chances are since there is already a knack of talking behind someone’s back, you can’t do anything to stop this kind of behavior, except maybe try to control what you talk in the presence of such persons.

Now tell me, what do you think about handwriting analysis? Won’t these four features of the lowercase “o” help you understand someone better? And if just these four features can tell you so much, just imagine how much you’re going to learn about someone through a complete handwriting analysis!

So next time you see someone’s handwriting, check out the lowercase “o”. Find out if there is any relation between what you know about the person, and what you can understand from these four features of the lowercase “o”. You’ll be surprised what you find.


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