A good and accurate translation from one language to another, such as a Polish to English or English to Polish, can make the difference between winning and losing a contract. With Poland’s entrance in EU in May 2004, the doors of international business have opened with even more speed and more and more need of English to polish translators is felt. This is turning out to be a profitable business for people because of the immense quantity of work regularly. Normally, a good English to polish translator charges around 0.06 $ to 0.016 $ /per word which is good enough to make a handsome living.

More and more of native English speakers are learning polish nowadays and turning into English to polish translators. Polish language can be bit hard to understand for the people who are getting familiar to it for first time. Polish pronunciation and the various endings of words found in Polish grammar represent a marked departure for those who are familiar with Western European languages. Even though it is hard to attain proficiency in polish language still it is not impossible. It can truly be an enjoyable learning experience. Much of this depends on the teaching methods and language instructors. This article discusses various ways to become English to Polish translation Expert

Polish Language Institutes:

There are various colleges and private institutes that offer English to Polish translation courses. You can carry out a search on the Internet to find out which places close to you offer such courses. Professional Instructors can guide you about Polish words pronunciations. Polish Language Services is a Polish only language training company which offers three distinct immersion-style training services designed specifically for clients who need to achieve Polish Language proficiency in a limited time.

There are programs which involve one-on-one conversation based sessions which, combined with real-world materials, allow the person to achieve maximum proficiency results in minimum time. These schools offer intensive in-class instructions accompanied with optional U.S. “Mini Immersion” and In Country (Poland) “Full Immersion” trainings as detailed later. Each training package is custom tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual student.

These schools focus exclusively on the Polish language allowing students to develop a specific immersion-style strategy for teaching this complex language. Usually their instructors are native Polish speakers with graduate degrees and experience in teaching polish as a foreign language in a professional environment. They are highly motivated and happy to share part of themselves with our clients. Their deep interest, strong ties and frequent travel to Poland enables them to keep up-to-date with current trends.

Besides teaching the language, the syllabus incorporates adaptation training that examines lifestyle differences for easing the transition to living and working in Poland. The classrooms are designed to simulate the Polish environment and give the student a feel of Poland. Everything in the classroom environment is Polish (entrance/exit signs, maps, pictures, calendars, etc.). We have a large library of Polish books, games, audio and video materials which helps to add variety to our teaching.

Training Methodology

Polish Language Services delivers full-time, one-on-one Polish instruction with a minimum of English allowed only during the breaks. From the moment the student enters the classroom, they are spoken to ONLY in Polish. Special emphasis is laid in student’s ability to begin speaking Polish as quickly as possible. Students learn Polish by using it during the class. They are not required to memorize the very difficult Polish grammar rules, rather, they learn it by examples. The goal is to make our students think in Polish because this is the milestone in achieving language proficiency. Training sessions are strategically developed to iteratively build the student’s vocabulary by exposing them to increasingly more complex conversational building blocks. Thus, the students slowly build conversational skills with each passing week just as an infant does when learning to speak for the first time.

Polish Online Tutorials:

If you think classroom training is not your cup of tea, then another option is to learn online. Discuss the features and benefits like audio CDs, anytime, anywhere learning, affordable courses, etc. Also discus FREE online tutorial to learn English to Polish translation learning Polish

Learn from a Polish Friend: If you have a Polish classmate or colleague, you can also learn Polish to English translation from him/her. You can fix up a time and plan a schedule, but to become an expert you will really need to work hard. You will need to learn through books too and check out their assignments. You can translate some documents and ask your friend to evaluate. You can also find some Polish Language games online that are not only fun but also offer great learning.


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