Freelance websites like Upwork or Freelancer have perpetuated a ridiculous perception that there are just some individuals on the planet to whom the English language is native, whereas to most others, it’s not.

Sometimes, the reference made is to individuals from nations like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or South Africa (at greatest). People from virtually all different nations are dismissed as being “non-native” to English.

As an Indian myself, I discover this perception totally obnoxious.

I can not assist however surprise how has this perception come about?

In any case, off these freelance websites, such a falsified perception doesn’t fairly exist. Then, why is it there on them?

Non-Whetting of Professionals on-board Freelance Websites

The reply, to fairly an extent, lies in the truth that freelance websites miss out whetting people who come on-board. As an illustration, Indians or different South Asians readily enroll as “content material creators”, although they could not have the abilities to function such professionals.

Now, these identical people, when employed by abroad shoppers, unsurprisingly fall wanting expectations. Each such occasion then goes onto perpetuate a perception that Indians or South Asians are incapable of writing coherently within the English language. Subsequently, I genuinely imagine that it’s freelance websites who’ve stemmed the falsified notion of Indians typically being linguistically challenged in English.

Blinded by Nationality

Notably annoying is the best way potential shoppers on freelance websites are merely blinded by nationality. Basically, if there is a skilled geographically situated in any of the nations I discussed at first, that particular person is routinely presumed to be “native”. That is true even for Indian-People for example; change of location instantly grants them English language proficiency that was lacking of their dwelling nation. Such beliefs are merely weird!

I, personally, know People and Britishers (amongst others from the nations I discussed at first) whose English language experience is virtually non-existent.

I particularly need to emphasize on the truth that writing is a ability that’s not certain or restricted by nationality.

So, don’t be blinded by nationality when contemplating hiring professionals for crafting English language content material. As an alternative, take a look at elements resembling expertise and experience.

Do not forget that amongst many different expertise on the planet, English language experience can be not restricted to particular nations or nationalities.


STOP presuming that Indian – in addition to different supposedly “non-native” people can not write high quality content material within the English language, merely based mostly on the place they arrive from.

As an alternative, assess based mostly on elements resembling prior expertise in addition to experience (which may simply be decided).

DON’T be blinded by ridiculous prejudices and stereotypes; every time you achieve this, you solely perpetuate such undesirable human tendencies.


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