Readers need to scan your content quickly and then they will want to move on to other relevant content on your site, so it is important to break things into quickly digestible components while maintaining proper English grammar and sound sentence structure.

Use Subtitles

Also known as, H2 headings, these breaks allow the reader to focus on a small bit of content by first gleaning what the entire paragraph will contain with the heading. This is like a nano-version of “tell them what you are going to tell them” and it will keep the reader ticking through your content. Subtitles are at the heart of any persuasive writing endeavor.

Structure Each Paragraph

Do you know how to write a paragraph that works? Short and sweet is the name of the game, but we still need to provide enough “meat” for the reader to gain something of value from our content. Where the H2 heading draws the reader to the paragraph, the opening sentence will provide them with the basics. This is the topic sentence, which should then be followed by information that relates to that topic sentence. This can be a single sentence or several sentences that summarize the information you are seeking to provide. The last sentence of the paragraph should in some way summarize the topic and close out the discussion in an appropriate matter. This last sentence should never run off topic.

The Use of an Opening and Closing Paragraph

The structure outlined above for individual paragraphs should also be applied to the overall article content writing. Many writers will complete the main body of the article, and then write an opening paragraph. The reason for this is simply that the writer may have an idea of what the final work will encompass, but once the body is completed it is much easier to prepare the opening, which can be a summary of what your content will contain for the reader. The closing paragraph is similar, in that it will “tell them what you told them”.

At this point, you may be wondering why an opening and closing paragraph is important at all. The main purpose is not to simply summarize what you are going to say, but to describe your content in a way that draws the reader in and sparks their interest.

The closing paragraph is a bit different. If you have written your piece properly, the reader should hopefully continue and actually make it to the last paragraph. In most cases, the closing paragraph will provide a nice summary of the content and it will tie up the thoughts of the article with a nice pretty bow, but for SEO work, this will often involve a call to action. The last paragraph should be used as the place where you express to the reader how important it is to follow the advice provided by your article, and you should provide them with contact information or a link to your product page. If you would like more information on how to write an article that converts, email me at [email protected]


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