Being labeled as “the wrong grammar guy” is really a horrifying experience.

Someone who experienced this kind of shame might get stage fright or some writing phobia in the future. Learning English grammar could be your solution to better English speaking and writing, if you take the time to look into and master it.

Have you experienced speaking in public or passing a note to everyone and being commented as having an incorrect grammar?

To recall, grammar is a term pertaining to rules of language. It is the proper way of putting together the words to form a correct sentence or statement. There are many ways to learn English grammar rules. It may be through educational books, speech lessons, writing lessons, personal English tutorials, and last but not least English grammar software. One-on-one tutorials are a very effective option, because your tutor can be strict on every sentences and words you use as you speak and write to him. Your parents could also help you out if they’re English proof. It is beneficial – as you learn English – every member in your household practices and speak English with you, really trying to only communicate in English so you get the practice and confidence needed to learn English and to prepare you for your future career.

There’s a wide range of free, but mostly outdated, English grammar programs out there that you can use to practice your writing abilities and speaking skills. But if you decide yourself to learn English using an advanced grammar checking solution, check out the links below. This application is very advanced and offers almost error-free writing. All you need to do is click a mouse button and your marked text gets checked and compared to to an online database.

When learning English it can be decision-making to use software. Decision-making for your success. It can be essential on a higher level of English writing, especially to people who are always writing or sending out emails, memos or reports at school, college or work. It can also improve your creativity as a writer as you get writing tips instantly delivered to your screen. It can serve as a corrector but also has a thesaurus built-in which suggests alternative words such as adjectives and adverbs which best fit your sentences.

Be aware that many are very conscious with grammar right now. A little mistake on your sentence structure can bring you down. Most job requirements also are very strict on good command of spoken and written English. This is one way to prove that you are ready to communicate to any levels of personality from the highest position down to any people you will encounter in the future. Do not let anyone put you to shame by the words you utter or write. Learn proper English right now.

Source by Jane Sumerset

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