There are varying types of English pronunciation and its articulation lurking in the Educational Institutions of all the non-native speakers of English today. American English and British English vary in pronouncing such words. Both English, as times rolled by produced another multiple branches of pronunciation and articulation.

An obvious example is seen and heard from Japanese who learned the language, a Filipino, Singaporean, Russian, Arabian and many other non-native speaking citizens. Both American and British English vary their pronunciation in the word “either”. Both vary in saying the “ei” of “either.”

Asian countries in particular pronounce the words in a different manner compared to both American and British. The slang manner of producing the sounds of the words of Americans is different from Asian countries. This is because the nasal cavity structure of the Americans are bigger than people of the Asian countries.

It is to be noted that the nasal cavity is one of the factors affecting the sounds the way you pronounce the words. Other factors are the lower and the upper teeth, the lower and upper lips, the tongue and the diaphragm.

To learn English as the second language, these factors affecting the sound produced should also be given emphasis in the discussions or lessons to be discussed in learning English as the second language. This is for the learners to determine some of the problems affecting the acquisition of the language.

Psychologically speaking, the best age for the learner to start learning English as the Second Language is within the age of 6 up to 10 years old. This is because of the fact that their acquisitions on certain things are very great. Thus, we have to feed their minds with proper and correct information about learning English.

It is not solely the responsibility of the teacher for these young learners to learn English. This is due to the fact the when these learners go out of the classroom, most of the time, their acquisition of the language also stops. Therefore a follow up from the parents or guardians are very important to speed up learning English.

Just like any other subject, English also has fields that that are confusing on the part of the learner. Therefore, careful and detailed planning of the lesson to be discussed in front of these kids should be given considerable time so that the acquisition of the language, though it is hard achieve 100%, a favorable number of the learners will acquire the proper and correct pronunciation and articulation of English.


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