Switch Swindle

Scammy Scam

If you saw a Nintendo Switch selling for just $4, you might assume that Doug Bowser had lost his mind, before buying every single one available — but perhaps unsurprisingly, in the case of unlucky South Africans seeing the deal on Facebook, it’s naught but a scam.

According to a report by Cape Town Etc., a post is circulating on social media site Facebook claiming to have Nintendo Switches for sale for 60 Rand, which is roughly $3.80 (£3).

The scam is made more convincing by the scammers posing as large online retailer Takealot, who issued a checklist in December to ensure that people don’t fall for the con:

⛔️ We do not request payment to enter into a competition

⛔️ We do not charge for the delivery of prizes

⛔️ You will never have to pay to unlock deals

One of the scam posts on Facebook

The massively-discounted Switch was posted on the Electronic Products group, saying that the shop was “liquidating [their] inventory in the USA”.

The scam reportedly works by signing users up for multiple small payments after taking their card details.

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