My curiosity within the Lune is because of my curiosity within the Japanese Haiku. I am keen on attempting to give you eye- and brain-catching photos in a couple of phrases.


The “u” is pronounced just like the o’s within the phrase boo; or pronounced loon, just like the aquatic hen.


There are two variations of the Lune, so there are two transient histories.

Robert Kelly Lune:

Robert Kelly, a Professor of Literature at Bard School since 1986 and resident of Crimson Hook (New York), invented the Lune poetry type. There are extra syllables in Japanese phrases than there are in English phrases. Writing Haiku (5-7-5 syllables) in English creates a special poem than the Japanese intention. Robert Kelly invented the Lune to take away these variations, and so makes the Lune (5-3-5 syllables) nearer to Haiku than Haiku written within the English language.

Jack Collom Lune:

In response to The Academics & Writers Handbook of Poetic Types (edited by Ron Padgett), Jack Collom created his model by chance. It additionally mentions that as he was, “starting to work with schoolchildren he misremembered Kelly’s concept as a depend of three/5/3 phrases, reasonably than syllables.” In doing so, he created a brand new variation of the Lune. As a cheerful coincidence, this variation made it simpler for youths to create Lunes, since phrases are simpler to depend than syllables.


Robert Kelly Lune:

-Three strains containing a syllabic depend of 5-3-5.

-An entire thought inside these three strains (13 syllables).

Jack Collom Lune:

-Three strains containing a phrase depend of 3-5-3.

-An entire thought inside these three strains (eleven phrases).


The whole lot else!

The Lune would not have the identical restraints as Haiku. You might seek advice from the seasons or not. You might rhyme or not, usually a no-no in Haiku. You may additionally use metaphor, simile, and so on. Which is frowned upon in Haiku – however I sometimes use them in mine as a result of I like them. Listening to that, Basho (a well-known Haiku poet of the 1600’s) rolled over in his grave in annoyance.

It is a type with nice latitude, and has grow to be my new favourite type. It has every thing I like, and would not make me really feel responsible for including my metaphors. Now, if they might solely invent a calorie-free banana break up I would be in heaven.

When creating Lune chains, I might make sure that every particular person Lune has an entire thought – simply as Haiku chains do. For the reason that Lune type has few restrictions, I would keep as true to them as I might.


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