TOEFL and IELTS are the two most popular language tests to prove your English language proficiency. However, when deciding which of these two tests is the right one for you, it is important to know what are the distinct difference between both tests.

This article helps you to make the right choice in 5 essential steps – thus saving time and money.

1. Determine your purpose!

If you get this first step right, you have made an important step towards your success. Thinking about taking either the IELTS or the TOELF, ask yourself this one first: What purpose has your test for you? Do you want to enroll at a university, are you intending to apply for a particular job, or even wish to immigrate, do you want to gain a certain scholarship, or do you simple want to have your language skills certified?

Whatever your purpose might be, make sure your choice is in line with it! Some institutes might only accept the IELTS or the TOELF test, some countries have strict immigration laws requiring a certain score in one test, scholarships might be only awarded to those who have proven their language skills by means of the right test.

Do you already know your requirements?

2. Look for alternatives!

This step is actually where many people fail to make their lives easier. Considering this step in return might save you plenty of valuable time! So did it ever occur to you that the same institute might accept both tests? And did you ever consider that there is a certain conversion rule between the two tests? Having that in mind, the idea is simple: Why would you go for a band 8 in IELTS, if for the same institute also a TOEFL ibT of 95 would do? So keep your eyes open and make sure you opt for the easier choice!

3. Budget for your preparation!

With this step you make sure that the money you spend for the test (and as you know it is a considerable amount of money – and it is not getting less!) is well spend. Consider this: Imagine for a small additional fee of as little as $6 you can make sure that the results you achieve will be better. Of course what I am talking about is a legal form of doping – prepare by buying preparation books, or apps to help you succeed with your test.

Look at this as an investment and a hedge, first regarding the fee you paid for the test. Secondly for your future job and the bright times ahead!

4. Prepare in the right way!

This is where most people fail. They simply do not think about learning from the experiences others made. So keep your eyes open: look for reviews, and experiences shared by others. Learn from those how have been there before you – and listen to their advise how to succeed. There is lots of free stuff around.

5. Enjoy your success – you deserve it!

This is the last step – it is extremely simple but potentially the most important one which I want you to really remember also beyond your test preparation. Never forget to enjoy your successes. That means if you are studying for the IELTS or the TOEFL, set yourself realistic goals for your preparation progress – and celebrate your own achievements! You learned 40 new relevant words, go for drink with your friends! You did well in a simulation test? Reward yourself with an amazing night out in one of your favorite places! You will see rewarding yourself strengthens your motivation and in return boosts your results! It really is that easy!

Following these steps will help you heaps to succeed in your language test. If you wish to learn more about TOEFL or IELTS, and listen to how others succeeded before you, feel free to surf our website!

Good luck!


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