There are various qualifying tests and examinations which are conducted to select candidates for the Navy, Air Force and Military. Among the different examinations, the CDS or the Combined Defense Service examination is one of the most significant exams conducted before recruiting candidates. There are a wide number of reputed CDS coaching centers in the country which offer intensive courses to the students who aspire to join the defense forces of the nation.

The Combined Defense Service examination is quite challenging and it requires effort, skill and hard work to clear the exams. These exams are generally held twice in a year- mainly in the month of November and February. These examinations are held by the Union Public Service Commission or the UPSC.

By joining a renowned and acclaimed coaching center, candidates can ensure top grades in the Combined Defense Service exams. These exams include written tests which are followed by personal interviews. There are psychological and physical tests which can be quite challenging so it is essential to be well prepared for all types of questionnaires and assessments.

Most of the reputed coaching centers offer a myriad of training sessions to the students. The candidates are processed through various projective tests to assess their personality and potential. These coaching centers offer various training and development sessions which are designed to develop the inner potential and qualities of the candidates. The capabilities of the candidates are explored through various programs and stages.

The Combined Defense training centers have a vast faculty who are well trained and experienced in the training field. Most of these trainers and officers are psychologists from the army, ex-SSB presidents and ex-army officers.

In addition to the process of enhancing the academic skills of the candidates, most of these coaching centers also offer a wide range of training sessions to shape the overall personality of these candidates.

The most significant reason to join these coaching centers can be attributed to the quality of training offered by the faculty to the aspiring candidates. The candidates are provided tips to pass the screening tests during the Service Selection Board or the SSB exams. These centers also offer excellent techniques to clear the interviews with high grades.

The ex-SSB officers offer training on various other aspects such as Situation Reaction tests, Word Association tests and so forth. The candidates are also given appropriate training to pass Picture Perception and Description Tests (PPDT). Candidates who are qualified for the Air Force are offered training for Pilot Aptitude Battery Tests (PABT).

Although there are a number of Combined Defense Service coaching centers, only a few reputed centers offer remarkable training sessions to the candidates. So it is essential to choose such coaching centers to guarantee success in the CDS exams.


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