There is a saying in Tamil that was quoted by the famous Tamil Poet Avvaiyar, Chithiramum Kai Pazhakkam Senthamizhum Naapazhakkam, which means that the finest art is the practice of the hand; the eloquence in Tamil literature is the practice of the tongue. This is true with any language. The more you practice speaking a language, the sooner you will be able to master it. This is particularly true with this ancient language, Tamil.

Here are a few effective ways in which you can easily learn to speak and write in Tamil.

Tip 1: There can be no other better way to learn Tamil, than by talking with your friends. It would be even more effective if you are able to make friends with someone who knows no other language, but Tamil. This will help you to communicate with that person only in Tamil, which will gradually increase your ability to speak.

Tip 2: Try watching Tamil movies which are either bilingual or dubbed or remade in some other language like English or Hindi from Tamil. As you watch the movie in Tamil, you will know the story and you can be able to understand the dialogues and their meaning. Avoid comedy movies as you won’t be able to understand the jokes easily as they are mostly slang based. Choose good movies where they talk in a slow fashion, which will help you. Try to watch movies that were made after 1980s. Old Tamil cinema contains pure poetic Tamil, which won’t help you much in learning it for colloquial usage.

Tip 3: Fall in love with Tamil. This is very important prior to actually learning the language. If you don’t have that chemistry, there is no use in studying Tamil for years. Only your interest can give you the ability to learn it as quickly as possible.

Tip 4: Watch Tamil cookery shows, where you will be acquainted with different words for various ingredients like Paruppu for Dhal, Paal for Milk, Muttai for Egg and so on. Make a note of those words that you learn and later revise it and try to use it while you do grocery shopping. This will help you to get a hold of the Tamil vocabulary.

Tip 5: Feel free to speak in Tamil. Don’t worry if you feel what you speak might be wrong. Don’t be shy if you stagger. Just keep going as practice is the only thing that can make you perfect. Moreover, most of the Tamilians will help you if they come to know that you are trying to learn Tamil.


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