Spanish is a ‘romance’ language that originates from the north of Spain. Today, Spanish is spoken by around 400 million people and was one of the six official languages of the United States. As well as Spain, this is spoken in most Latin America countries, in total 21 countries use it as their Primary language. Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking in the world and the language is the second most spoken language in the United States. Here are a few basic words to get you going.

Learn Basic Spanish Words Greetings

Hello – Hola – pronounced O-la

Goodbye – Adios – pronounced aa-d-os

Good Morning – Buenos Dias – pronounced bwen-os d-os

Good Afternoon – Buenas Tardes – pronounced bwen-os tar-dos

Good Evening – Buenas Noches – pronounced bwen-os nosh-es

Learn Basic Spanish Words Courtesy

Please – Por Favor – pronounced por fav-or

Thankyou – Gracias – pronounced grass-e-ass

Sorry – Disculpe – pronounced dis-cul-pay

Excuse me – Con permiso -pronounced con per-miss-eo

Learn Basic Spanish Words Approaching people for help

Do you speak English – Habla usted inglés?

Yes – Se – pronounced Sea

No – no

I don’t speak Spanish – No hablo español.

Where is….? – Donde estas…?

Learn Basic Spanish Words Numbers

Zero – cero (say-ro)

One – uno (oo-no)

Two – dos (dose)

Three – tres (trace)

Four – cuatro (kwat-ro)

Five – cinco (sink-o)

Six – seis (saze)

Seven – siete (see-yet-eh)

Eight – ocho (och-o)

Nine – nueve (new-eh-veh)

Ten – diez (dee-ace)

I hope these basic words help you in getting started. Spanish is definitely one of the most enjoyable languages to learn so don’t stop here!



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