PTE stands for Pearson Test of English, and it is the test taken by non-native speakers who want to apply for a student visa or for professionals who want to settle down in countries like Australia. In India, PTE is getting more popularity.

Modules in PTE

As with any other English tests, PTE too has four main modules: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. However, what is unique about PTE is that the sections are interrelated. For instance, the Speaking section also affects the Reading section’s score.

Preparation for PTE

There are lots of materials available on the Internet. Indian students practice PTE questions from various sources such as websites, blogs, Facebook pages, and after all, YouTube channels.

Why do Indians need special attention?

However, Indians need a special approach in paving the way for PTE exam as they are non-native, and lack in grammar, fluency, and most importantly pronunciation. Indians face difficulties in stretching the words in a sentence. Moreover, when it comes to grammar, they need refinement.

What skills do Indians need to work on?

PTE has four sections, and each section requires a special skill set. Indians need to focus on specific gray areas since items in PTE sections are interrelated. Here are they:

Pronunciation: Items like ‘Read Aloud,’ ‘Describe Image,’ and ‘Re-tell Lecture’ require clear pronunciations. Indians need to work on improving their pronunciation. Dictionaries like Oxford, Collins, Merriam-Websters, and Longman can help in learning the proper pronunciation of words.

Spelling & Grammar: Most non-native speakers lack in spelling and grammar especially Indian students who come from rural areas. Instead of taking it casually, Indian students need to spend more time in proofreading their summaries and essays in PTE.

Fluency: Fluency matters in scoring high in PTE. Indian students should start communicating in English with their friends and colleagues to improve their fluency. The entire Speaking section in PTE depends on fluency and other enabling skills.

What special trainings are required for Indians?

Indians need to depend more on creating an environment where they read, write, listen and speak English. In other words, they should start reading English newspapers, watch series and movies, and communicate in English. However, Indians should remember that they should not mimic native speakers in any case.

With the tips mentioned above and tricks, Indian students can practice for PTE questions and focus on improving their overall language skills to ace the test.


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