We’re not simply wherever is our little nook however on the planet which is now a world village quick shrinking right into a neighbourhood, no less than, info-wise. So we converse and write thus.

1. Bribe and Extortion:

Many individuals right here and there and elsewhere appear to have heard a lot about “bribe cash” that they’ve properly forgotten about inducement and enticements of the receiver by the giver of bribe for which it’s appropriately stated that the giver bribes, induces and entices the receiver. However the place and when the would-be takers are asking, demanding and insisting on what they need, we make a mistake if we report what’s subsequently given and brought as a bribe.

Are we annulling the consequences of such actually vital and virtually significant, even authorized phrases or phrases as “extort” and “extortion”? Because it appears now, we listed here are used to studying and listening to of excessive and low officials-on the sphere and at headquarters-“demanding bribes”. Are we too afraid or too confused to name them “extortionists” and what they do “extortion”? If we had lengthy been calling these offences and offenders by their appropriate names, many abusers of authority would have since desisted from them; having learnt that any act of “extortion” which suggests “getting issues by coercion or intimidation” might border on, and could also be referred to as, “theft”, if the extortionist is armed or applies bodily power anyhow. Let’s not get carried away with this, although, lest we get entangled with legalese.

However then, we’re bothered concerning the accuracy or correctness of language; and this borders on integrity and good intent, so we nonetheless earnestly plead:

Godly legal professionals, please, assist take it up from right here.

2. Deny and Denial for Refute and Refutal:

The misuse of those pairs of phrases is maybe essentially the most nagging assault on world collective public intelligence by politicians, or relatively, by reporters on behalf of politicians. Simply fancy that: Somebody, normally a excessive public official, merely denies some claims, experiences or statements and the mere denial will get extensively reported as a refutal. No, please, Sirs and Madams, you can not and you don’t refute claims, experiences or statements by merely denying them. You refute them by exhibiting some good proofs or evidences opposite to the claims, experiences, statements or no matter. Please let our reporters diligently separate these phrases in order that points shall be a lot much less muddled-and our reporters’ diligence will thus improve public understanding of many points.

3. Nip it within the bud:

Have you ever observed?-keep studying and listening for it-in the information media, even now, that some folks nonetheless maintain advising the federal government, regarding “Boko Haram”, to “nip it within the bud”? And once we are by way of with it, or rid of it, such will nonetheless say, “Sure, the federal government has nipped it within the bud.” Consideration, please! Observe that “bud” actually means a small knob on a plant stem containing immature leaves and/or flowers. If a bud is spared, it should quickly blossom, totally rising into branches, leaf-clusters and/or flowers.

As a determine of speech, “nip it within the bud” means “to destroy one thing at an early stage of improvement” -just like destroying the immature leaves and flowers whereas nonetheless within the bud, that’s, earlier than the bud opens and blossoms.

If we freely use “nip it within the bud” for such a lethal matter that has already blossomed and grown into leaves/ branches/ flowers and have been reduce, propagated and transplanted elsewhere, because it had been, guess how embarrassing and upsetting it sounds to these women and gents who could also be strangers to such widespread errors amounting to mendacity that so many others take ever so evenly. And what’s the impact of such extensively accepted free mendacity on our sensitivity? Your guess is nearly as good as mine-or relatively, simply as unhealthy.

On a extra severe observe, although, I personally consider that good language precision is a side of our private and group integrity. As it’s written, “Let your ‘sure’ be ‘sure’, and your ‘no’ be ‘no’.” Away with all vagueness, ambiguity, haziness, elusiveness, mix-up and double-talk-all are synonyms tending to confusion. Please let’s endeavour to make use of phrases intentionally and precisely.

4. Amnesty is official pardon, typically to a gaggle or particular person:

This is among the most just lately invented facets of lethal vagueness by Nigerian Authorities officers. After all, it wants no rationalization that real pardon is an choice solely when these being pardoned are firmly within the grip of the Authorities pardoning them. The Authorities would then be rightly stated to be exercising mercy. Prefer it or not, these Boko Haram insurgents and different militants weren’t on the Authorities’s mercy when mercy was presumptuously provided. We now simply bear in mind so many “cautious” folks warning us then that the insurgents would merely take the event to slight the Federal Authorities. I thought of and understood as some likened the situation to a case of two guys (normally, mates or enterprise companions) nonetheless contending about wrongs accomplished to one another and one says to the opposite, “I forgive you”. What do you assume? The opposite will reject such “forgiveness”. The purpose is that you will need to humble them, having them “at your mercy” earlier than you may magnanimously grant them mercy/pardon/amnesty. The “amnesty” we persuade the meant beneficiaries to just accept could also be good and really fascinating because the settlement we pray for; however it’s not aptly so referred to as. I plead with all Authorities and different leaders all over the place to please see that political conditions name for extra accuracy and fewer of ambiguity.


That is equally fostered by many politicians and their followers all over the place. Right here and there and elsewhere, we maintain listening to and studying of them as they freely accuse whoever doesn’t agree with them or their positions of politicizing points and occasions which are naturally inevitably political, anyway. Let’s consider it because it actually is: To politicise (Br.)/politicize (Am.) is to “give a political character to” some problem or occasion that’s in any other case with no political character. So many political individuals are confused and complicated the general public and furthering the heightening of tensions all over the place. We must always all watch out for them.

6. Themselves/Ourselves/Yourselves Vs One another/ Each other:

The pervasive mix-up of those phrases that I like to explain as “strict and particular beneficiary-indicating phrases” has way over grammatical and lexical implications. Complicated these phrases is fraught with lethal sensible relationship risks arising from our wittingly or unwittingly recommending and rendering providers meant for others to self or selves.

Consider an in any other case well-meaning well-wisher advising some newly inaugurated group members (a newly wedded couple, for instance), to “study to like, know, perceive, assist, respect, belief, serve and take heed to yourselves” (that’s, “themselves”), when the well-wisher actually means “one another” or “each other” because the case could also be. Mark it nicely, {couples} and groups can’t be profitable as such if members maintain listening to that they need to be doing to themselves what ought to be accomplished to one another and/or each other. After all, it could be pretty or moderately assumed that the events involved do get the meant meanings. Nevertheless, let’s be aware to precisely drive house this level, mending our collective picture earlier than these nonetheless unused to such widespread mix-ups. Sure, please, converse nicely for those who imply nicely for the group.

Everyone knows (some do not?) that many in any other case easy issues of info (even figures!) and meanings simply and freely get confused in our up to date tradition. So we should be apt to contend for info and meanings with apt replies to the spurious claims and counter-claims quick creeping into our tradition, corrupting values. Our very collective tradition is degenerating earlier than us; and so many react to this solely by romanticizing our historical past and antiquities, mistaking such for our tradition. We are going to dwell on this matter of tradition sooner or later. In the meantime, please give it some thought.



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