A big problem for many people is the inability to express themselves in English. They feel comfortable reading and writing English but when it comes to talking in English, they are tongue tied. They prefer talking in their mother tongue with their family and friends knowing very well that the more they talk in English, the more they will improve. This articles talk about a few things which if done regularly can overcome hesitation and make a person a fluent English speaker.

The first step is to make a goal. A goal should be to speak English confidently by a certain date. Make a poster of that date and till that date, eat, live and breathe English.

Secondly, make sure you spend at least one hour reading and writing English. Pick up any newspaper and spend time reading it. It is true that you may get bored reading the political news or the editorial. Try and read whatever interests you – it could be the sports page or the entertainment page. What you read does not matter, what matters is that you read in English.

Now it is time to focus on written English. Make a summary of what you have read in the newspaper. Start with a hundred word summary and slowly keep increasing the word limit till you are writing five hundred words every day. Writing gives you the chance to structure your thoughts and become coherent. However, more important than writing is to get your writing proof-read by someone. This someone should be a much better English speaker than you. Ask him or her to point out all the mistakes you may have made. Now try and rewrite the essay after correcting those mistakes. This will ensure that these errors do not creep into your spoken English.

Tell everyone in your house to talk to you only in English. Even if they talk to you in their regional language, you must reply in English. You should also try and get your friends involved with you. A great way is to make a conversation group and practice English every day. This helps all the members to improve and is also a source of motivation in the English improvement journey.

There are so many other things which can be done to improve English. Some people watch only English movies and shows on television. Others practice the language in front of the mirror. All of these techniques can be useful and effective if you are determined to become a fluent English speaker.


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