How many times have you or someone you were with not enjoyed yourselves because of an expectation? You go to a restaurant or on a vacation, and an image is built up in your mind. When you arrive, it’s not what you pic­tured, so now you’re too disappointed to enjoy it. On the flip side, when you weren’t expecting anything and it surprises you, it’s great. It’s near impossible for most things in life to live up to the fantasies we build up in our minds.

Your high expectations for life may be what is causing you to be somewhat down on the way you life has turned out to this point. Our parents had high expectations for us. Our teachers had high expectations for us. Our bosses. Our spouses. It would only seem natural that we should have high expectations for ourselves.

You see, part of the problem stems from confusion over the word expectation with the word belief. Expectations, as defined in the dictionary, are “the act of expecting.” Expecting is, “to be considered to be obliged.” Believing and having the power of positive thinking means you go into action because you know you can make it happen, not because you expect it to happen and it will be delivered to you.

It is not your right, or mine for that matter, to just expect a good life to happen. It takes work and effort and a positive attitude to achieve the life you want.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. -Andre Gide

So instead of high expectations for life let’s change it to high wants for life. It is okay to want a good life. and what that means for you may be different than what it means to me or your neighbor or your brother and that is the beauty of it. It is YOUR LIFE!

Life is going to happen. You decide how it unfolds based on your decisions and actions and attitude. You get to decide! It is really kind of cool when you stop and think about it. Each day is a new day and I get to paint that canvas however I want to. Each moment is an adventure in which anything can happen. You have to relish every moment and make the best decisions you can.

So go ahead and want with all your heart. Because you want, it’s worth work­ing for. Wanting doesn’t mean you expect it; it means you want it. You can’t ALWAYS get everything you want (there is a song there somewhere), but you CAN get the things you are wiling to work for.

No complaints, no excuses, no expectations. Remember, you are at this point in your life because of decisions YOU made.

One of the aspects of hanging on to our goals too tightly is that it creates negativity in us, making us less powerful to realize our goals. You might ask how this is so. The negativity created is fear. When something becomes too important to us, we become fearful of what would happen if we don’t get it. The fear makes us less powerful in our lives. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. High expectations for life is a destination that leads to no happiness.

You are in control. You have the power and the attitude to shape your life. High expectations for life is a go nowhere approach. It will lead to negativity, fear and resentment. WANT the best life you can possible have and take the actions you need to achieve that life.



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