Teaching writing is a challenging process. One of the problems that the learners encounter mostly is accuracy. It has always been considered as the most complicated part when using it in writing classes. The purpose of this article is to show appropriate ways of providing the learners with the accurate writing. This is a significant matter because the learners should be able how to construct meaningful sentences or paragraphs, which makes the writing more effective and comprehensible. Teachers know that learners write in different styles and that some of them can create accurate sentences but some of them are not able to do that.

It is not easy to improve the same errors that learners make again and again. If you try to improve this issue by using explanations and different examples, it will be hard to accomplish success. Therefore, it would be confusing for learners by moving directly to definitions or lots of examples explaining how to pay attention to accuracy when writing.

Learners should be conscious that learning how to use accuracy through context will lead them to effective writing. That is, writing is not just a fluency activity. If the sentences do not have a meaning then nobody is willing to read a paper till the end. Teachers should facilitate learners to be aware of how to achieve accuracy in a text.It is very important for a piece of writing to focus on both form and meaning.

What you should do first is to collect data. For doing this research use questionnaires, because this can make learners express their ideas more freely about the problems they have with learning English. This is one of the ways for teachers to improve their students writing, and I believe that knowing the learners’ needs and the way they want to improve their accuracy is very important. The questionnaire should contain open questions which are related to the techniques that you currently use to improve the learner’s writing, whether they like your methods of teaching or ask you to use other techniques which would be interesting for them and motivate them improve themselves. After collecting the questionnaires that the learners filled them in, read them and identify what the learners’ weaknesses are exactly and how do they want to get improved. Next, discuss this issue with your students and offer them suggestions of how you could do this together.

After analyzing the data, take action about what would you change in your teaching, what methods to use that would be successful for you and also for your students.

There are some learning processes of how to write effectively in the second language. What happens when the learners pass through these processes? Explaining all the time and doing exercises right after that, is not the right choice. Use these processes and see what happens when students undergo them.

Make sure to prepare tasks that would raise their consciousness on how the sentences appear within a context. Students understand better when such sentences appear within context. Divide the students into groups. The groups of the students should be mixed, with good and less good students.

  • Letting the learners improvise is an important process because it covers many useful aspects of teaching. Ask them to write down a short paragraph on a free topic. After writing, ask some of them to read what they have written. Then try to find out which sentences were correct from their previous knowledge. It is this process that helps you and also your students to get into deeper analysis. A second reason why learners need to improvise is that they will become aware of gaps in their writing. They will realize that there are meanings which they are unable to express. For these reasons, they will begin to look for ways to supplement the gaps in their writing which they have identified.
  • Learners identify different kinds of sentences. They are able to see that different verbs are completed with different elements. This is very important for teacher because the teacher has to draw attention to such items in order to encourage students to be aware of them. Try to facilitate learners with identification by providing lists of accurate sentences organized into useful groups.
  • In the process of development the learners are be able to form an assumption about how accuracy works. Provide learners with a passage, such as fill in the blank, and ask each group to fill in the blanks the words with an appropriate tense. Another activity that learners can use in this process is to write a short story by using accurate sentences.
  • A lot of learning takes place by exploration. As learners are exposed to language and writing, they discover things for themselves in the classroom and outside it. There are at least two good reasons why discovery is an important and a necessary process, not only in the natural environment, but also in the classroom.



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