Reading is a much loved hobby across the world and it opens up a world so different from our own and introduces the reader to a magical world beyond the realms of reality. It is common across different age groups but the joys it brings are limitless.

The boundless choice open to readers ranging from fiction to nonfiction to self help books and Do-It-Yourself books is mind boggling. One can immerse into the world of words and learn things that no classroom teaching can offer. Books offer companionship and many a reader have felt as if they said goodbye to a dear friend when they turned the last page of a well loved book. There is no hobby that can surpass the joys of reading as it is educational, liberating as well as invigorating.

The origins of the printed books were from the early 15th century when the first books printed were religious texts. Soon that expanded to include books on academic topics, philosophy and science. The focus was to spread the knowledge and the written word in the form of books could be passed on from one generation to the next.

In the world of today there are books of all types. Western fiction and nonfiction has gathered a lot of popularity. This is largely due to the fact that English has come to be a universal language and read all over the globe. The reason for reading to become one of the best loved hobbies owes to the fact that human beings have a thirst for knowledge and the urge “to know”. There are several people who believe that books most worth reading are specifically those that test our convictions.

One of the biggest advantages of reading as a hobby is the endless number of books in the world on a myriad of subjects. The idea behind reading is to expand knowledge to new horizons and gain a perspective on a variety of things. Even the simple act of reading the daily newspaper can make one more aware of their surrounding and well informed. An informed person is a smarter person and this can be of great help when learning about the world around us.

The books that catch people’s attention are those which have a good plot line. The latest craze is that of a series of books that follow the life and times of some protagonists which ensconces the reader into the fantasy life of the character. Often time’s people envision themselves in those situations and live vicariously through the characters of the books.

This has been one of the single major motivations for the availability of the various types of books and the windows to the world get opened wide!



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