How meals will get transformed into vitamins

When meals is stable we chew it. We swallow it whether it is liquid. Then it goes down our throats. It’s attention-grabbing to study what occurs to meals in total digestive monitor and the way our meals habits affect our well being, health and wellness.

Mouth course of:

After we chew our meals in mouth it will get damaged into small items and will get blended with saliva. Saliva is a colorless watery liquid which is at all times current in our mouth. It incorporates enzymes which digest meals. These enzymes in saliva convert insoluble starches into water-soluble substances.

Truly that is the method of digestion. Enzymes convert many advanced meals substances into easier substances which then could be absorbed by the physique and used for its wants. These enzymes are made by completely different organs / glands. What lastly stays after processing of the meals within the digestive monitor is just not helpful for the physique & is thrown out as stools or faeces.

After we odor meals, our mouth waters. Saliva begins flowing down from the three pairs of salivary glands — one pair beneath & in entrance of every ear, one other pair behind the decrease jaw & the third pair beneath the tongue.

We usually produce about 8 to 10 cups of saliva in a day, in our mouth.

The enzyme on this saliva breaks down carbohydrate into easier soluble types of sugar.

The extra we break our meals by munching, the higher. Saliva can then act sooner on the meals. Thorough chewing helps digestion course of. (It’s stated, each mouthful of meals needs to be chewed 32 instances, as soon as for every tooth).

Meals then passes down our throat by way of meals pipe. The small versatile lid in our meals pipe, known as epiglottis, closes mechanically after we gulp down our meals. It prevents meals from taking place the fallacious passage which is wind pipe, mendacity alongside.

Abdomen Course of:

Abdomen is a vital bag formed organ. It continually contracts and relaxes and churns the meals inside. Inside lining of abdomen secretes many enzymes.

These enzymes assist to breakdown proteins to be able to permit physique to soak up vitamins. These vitamins are then used up by physique for physique restore or physique development or as a gasoline (vitality).

Massive variety of glands is current inside lining of the abdomen. One of many enzymes, known as Renin, converts protein from milk, into gentle curd. One other enzyme, known as Pepsin, breaks down the lengthy protein chains into smaller items known as Peptones that are soluble in water.

Abdomen additionally makes a considerable amount of hydrochloric acid. This is similar acid which we see within the chemical laboratory. This acid does many roles as follows:

1) It weakens the proteins by loosening a few of their hyperlinks.
2) It dissolves minerals from varied meals we eat
3) It kills micro organism which enter our abdomen with the meals we eat.

Meals stays within the mouth for a couple of minutes however stays within the abdomen for hours. most secretion of Renin, Pepsin & hydrochloric acid takes place about two hours after consuming a meal. Meals digestion at the moment goes on very actively.

Digestion within the abdomen is mainly breaking down of proteins into easier peptone unitswith the assistance of two enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

Outflow valve of abdomen which stays closed more often than not in the course of the day, opens up often & permits very small quantity of semi-digested / digested meals to proceed additional into small gut. This valve opens and closes mechanically. It permits partly digested semi-fluid, pasty meals to cross by way of to small gut.

Small gut course of:

Small gut is an extended tube which additional processes the semi-digested meals which comes from abdomen.

Prime a part of small gut is named duodenum and is about 25 cms lengthy. There are fundamental three juices which digest meals within the small intestines. Bile juice, a bitter substance comes from liver.

Second one comes from pancreas and third one from small intestines. Juice from small gut trickles from many locations alongside the way in which. Small gut is sort of lengthy about 5 to six instances longer than your individual top. It’s correctly folded within the stomach. A lot of the digestion takes place on this small gut.

The digestion course of is considerably difficult. Pancreatic juices comprise many enzymes and hormones. These assist breaking down of peptones (derived from proteins) into particular person amino acids.

Pancreatic juice additionally digests each fat and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates get transformed into soluble glucose by pancreatic juice. Equally, Lactose (current in milk) can also be transformed into soluble glucose.

Fat are digested to provide easier substances with the assistance of one other form of secretion of liver.

The liver is the chemistry laboratory of the human physique.

Blood flows from coronary heart to liver. The liver controls the extent of sugar within the blood & storage of such sugars within the muscle groups. It takes amino acids from the blood and makes them into proteins and shops it.

It releases these proteins when required by the physique. It additionally destroys toxic substances and shops nutritional vitamins and minerals.

All of the meals which is by now damaged down into easy, largely water soluble substances is absorbed within the physique by way of small gut.

The interior lining of the small gut has various tiny, finger like projections known as villi. These are sucking organs which seize the digested supplies and switch them to the blood.Blood carries these vitamins by way of circulatory course of to varied organs of the physique.

Some a part of digested fat additionally will get carried away by way of one other community known as lymphatic system. This technique additionally empties its contents in blood, someplace close to the neck.

Nutritional vitamins and minerals are sometimes water soluble and should not damaged down additional & absorbed within the blood after being indifferent from the meals when different vitamins get digested. Vitamin A which is fat-soluble, will get absorbed within the small gut considerably like fats itself.

Meals which we eat lastly reaches blood. It’s then carried to all components of the physique, to provide their wants of vitality and the physique constructing and regulation of physique capabilities.

Massive gut course of:

The big gut is located subsequent to small gut and is tubular in form. Its inside is clean with none projections. It’s positioned in stomach within the form of English letter U the wrong way up.

Because the digested meals passes alongside the gut, water is absorbed from by way of the partitions and into the blood. The meals turns into much less liquid and turns into onerous. Breaking down of the digested meals provides rise to some substances which carry dangerous odor. The undigested meals is then thrown out of the physique within the type of stools by way of the opening known as Anus.

How the digested meals is made helpful?

Carbohydrates (starches & sugars) are damaged down first in mouth after which within the small gut into easy sugars mainly glucose.

Glucose is absorbed by the villi of the small gut instantly into the blood stream. It travels throughout your physique and is utilized by muscle groups as a supply of vitality for his or her working.

A small a part of glucose is transformed into glycogen which is the shape through which glucose is saved each in muscle groups (about two thirds) and within the liver (about one third).

Some glucose is at all times circulating within the blood and the extent is regular. When the sugar degree goes up it’s a signal of a fault — such because the illness diabetes.

Fat are damaged by the use of intermediate easier kinds ultimately into glycerol & fatty acids. A part of these fatty acids instantly go into the blood after which to the liver as does glycerol. These fatty acids are both used for vitality or despatched through blood to different components of physique. They then could also be used for vitality or constructed again into fat, that are dispatched by way of the blood for storage as fatty tissues.

Any extra meals which we eat above our necessities is transformed into and saved away largely within the type of fats. After we get inadequate meals (e.g. throughout fasting) fats deposits are first used up.

Proteins attain blood stream as amino acids that are their constructing blocks. At varied locations within the physique, these amino acids are picked up by the physique organs and constructed into number of compounds.

Tissue proteins, enzymes, hormones and so many different chemical compounds are protein in nature. Liver itself makes and shops physique proteins.

Nutritional vitamins and minerals are additionally saved within the liver. Each time physique wants them, these are launched to the physique components and organs.


There are literally thousands of interconnected processes occurring in our physique, on a regular basis. Meals is digested after which absorbed within the small gut. All of the absorbed very important vitamins are then circulated through blood to completely different physique components / organs. And the method goes on.



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