Marriage to someone from another country can be both rewarding and challenging. I was born here in the United States and my wife is Central American. It has been an interesting twenty two years. I have learned about another culture first hand.

Fortunately Central America is close by, so there is less mystery about the United States, then if she was from Asia or Africa. She is also college educated, and has amazing linguistic skills. Even though she has an accent, she can speak English fluently.

I have learned a lot about her country and culture. I have always been open to new ideas. If you have a closed mind and have many prejudices, a cross cultural relationship will be difficult to sustain.

Some of the things I recommend is for your partner to have relationships with people of her or his culture. In her case there are many Spanish speaking people locally. I encourage her to go out and socialize with her friends. They speak on phone, go out for an evening, and even go on occasional trips together. If you don’t encourage this he or she will feel isolated. It is difficult for you to satisfy this need on your own. If your partner has trouble with English, it important they take classes to get more fluent.

One of the many benefits is when we travel to a Latin American country I have my own travel guide. She understands the cultural differences as well as the language. I have a lot of fun when we travel to Mexico or even Spain. You can really immerse yourself in the culture and in the way of life of people different than yourself.



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