Everyone’s English writing style is not always clear. This is because most people know what they want to “say” when writing, and when they read their own words on the page those words are clear to them. However, if an author has expressed himself poorly or mistakenly used the wrong words then it can be difficult for the reader to understand what he meant, even though it’s clear to the author.

The fact is, even if you are a very proficient writer, with reasonably good style, good spelling and good grammar skills, you still can write a passage that only you fully understand.

If you’re not a good writer, and many people aren’t, you may write a passage that even YOU won’t understand. And if English is not your native language, you may be in a real quandary. English is not an easy language to read, speak or write.

For example, how many times have you used the wrong form of a word? Homonyms are a pain! Have you used “tale” instead of “tail” or “aid” instead of “aide”? There are also words that are similar like “goad” and “good” and “sing” and “singe.” When your fingers are flying along the keyboard it’s very easy to add a letter or delete a letter from a word. And then you get a word that makes no sense in the context of your writing.

When you reread your own work, it’s very difficult to pick up on your own mistakes no matter how good you may be at editing the mistakes of other writers.

Sometimes you may think, “I really want to improve my English.” Well, it’s possible. You could take courses at college, or online, or you could hire a tutor. But any of those options could be expensive and time consuming. We all lead busy lives.

Rather than worrying about taking lessons or buying grammar books, you might consider acquiring a good writer’s software program. Writing software is different than the typical spell checker or grammar checker that comes with your computer’s word processor. Not only will good writing software improve your writing by finding and correcting all of your grammar mistakes, but also it will contextually detect the difference between words you meant and homonyms, which in their own right are spelled correctly, but are not the correct words because they mean something different than what you intended.

Writer’s software also will help your English writing style. As it corrects mistakes you’ve made, you’ll be able to see those mistakes and learn from them. When writers check their own work they rarely see all of the mistakes they’ve made, so they don’t always learn from those mistakes.

Grammar software, spell checkers and proofreading software are available to help even those for whom English is not a native language. Check out our website and learn about software programs that will improve your English writing, grammar, spelling and punctuation, and will enhance your writing style… plus teach at the same time!

You’ll not only be better able to write what you mean, but your readers will have a better opportunity to understand what you write.



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