A basic understanding of English is vital as a means of communication in the modern world. It is the predominant language of the internet. It must also be realised that English is a dynamic, organic, living language, fluid and changing. It has become the predominant language of the world simply because it is so fluid and can adapt to include both, words from other languages and concepts drawn from other cultures. With this in mind, it is clear that a sufficient grasp of English is now necessary to operate in the modern world. Without it, it becomes almost impossible to interact with or use modern means of international communication.

The digital and internet governed 21st century has changed the way people used to learn English in the past years. It has opened up new doors to various methods of learning, & the most widely accepted amongst these is interactive learning. This interactive English learning is an approach to education wherein a learner learns the language through hands on, interactive means through different multimedia options like CDs, DVDs, Videos, English learning kits, English learning softwares etc. Compared to the traditional English learning where teachers spoon feed the students, here students learn by using tangible objects. This method of learning is widely accepted throughout the globe due to its unique features such as affordability, convenience and fun.

Although there are many types of interactive learning materials available in the market, English learning kits are a huge success these days. With these kits, learning English has become absolute fun! These kits allow you to practise vocabulary as per your own time & convenience. There is no need to worry about class schedules, cancellation of classes or the high costs involved, when you enroll in a language school. These learning kits are tech-savvy, user-friendly, easy to use and understandable.

These kits offer various benefits like:

  • These kits enhance learning. The simple reason for this is that learners enjoy these interactive multimedia kits much more than the traditional methods of learning & this has given rise to an increased interest and learning. It has been found that interactivity has a strong positive effect on language learning. Here, learners learn faster, and have better attitudes towards learning when using interactive multimedia.
  • These kits are for multiple use. They can be referred to as many times as one wants to, and the other noticeable benefit is that more than one person can learn English by buying just one pack.
  • These kits are engaging. As they use live-action videos, audio, graphics etc., they keep learners interested and help in reinforcing their skills.Though these learning kits are exciting and fun.
  • These kits are cost-effective. These are less expensive and more effective than the traditional classroom learning.
  • These kits offer multiple learning options like reading, listening & watching.
  • These kits are available with language translation & transliteration features.

Thus, using these English learning kits to learn the language is a smart decision because it is cheap and effective, and can be learnt in the surrounding of your quiet home or in the office which in turn helps the learner to learn & understand the language effectively.

So what the above discussions boiled down to is that these interactive English learning kits are very much beneficial as they involve the learner actively into the learning process, but the most important thing to remember is: with or without these multimedia interactive learning elements, the learner has to be self-motivated to learn.



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