Business professionals, authors, journalists, students, and what have you need to be conscious in their everyday struggle with the twists and turns of English grammar. Emails, letters, reports, researches, papers, essays, correspondences, everything has to be written with sound grammar to correctly get people’s message across and for them to give good impression.

However, achieving good knowledge in English grammar is not that easy. It takes a lot of learning and studying to perfect the basic subject-verb agreement, use of prepositions, and so on. Not everyone has the luxury of time to do this, though. Now, non-native English speakers do not have to get grammar textbooks or research online every single time they write just for English writing check. Achieving grammatically correct English writing need not be so geeky. People have the chance to check and correct their grammar while writing with the use of English language software.

English language software is the forerunner in providing the total English language solution for written communication. It runs as background software to support other word processing computer applications. This software helps people write like an expert, with its punctuation, grammar, and spelling checkers. The whole text body is analyzed by updated algorithms that detects and corrects every single error. Usually, corrections are shown in the task pane, and just by clicking the changes, voila! The user’s written document will become grammatically sound with just a click of the mouse.

People also get to learn from their writing mistakes as explanations for the detected errors are also shown in the software’s window. There’s no need to examine grammar textbooks anymore, as this English writing check is completely automatic and electronic.

Aside from editing and proofreading anyone’s written English, some brands also raise the level of quality English writing for its users. This software has a special feature called text enhancement engine that helps improve one’s writing style by recommending better adverbs and adjectives to use in sentences. The cool part doesn’t end here, as some also include full-text translation and multilingual dictionary in its all-in-one language solution package.

Writing with good English grammar does not automatically make one geeky. Say goodbye to English grammar textbooks and online researches for composing written correspondences, and hello to the hippest, coolest way for English writing check on the internet.



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