English as native language or second language is the most widely used throughout the world. Most of the people are intent to be fluent in English, because English can be instrumental to their personal and professional success. At the beginning of learning English, we must pay much attention to English grammar. That is to say, we must learn something about the way words work together, the way we express different times or tenses, the way we use adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and so on. Only with correct grammar can we learn English well. Some people may confuse why it is that important. It is believed by them that without grammar exercises they can also organize words together and communicate with others in English. But sentences with incorrect grammar are always meaningless and the message contained in them may be unclear. This means that you can’t communicate effectively and the person who is listening to you or reading your work may be quite confused as to your meaning.

There is a saying that you have to learn to walk before you can run. It is applied to English learning. Before being fluent in English, you must learn English words and the way how words are organized. For those who have noticed the importance of grammar and decided to learn, there exists another problem that is how to improve it and make sure that it is correct. The only way to deal with this problem is to do English grammar exercises. When learning English grammar, practice is indispensable. So we need to do large numbers of exercises. Some people practice each grammar point once. This kind of practice is incorrect and has no effect on improving grammar. Instead, we should practice each point over and over until we can use it easily.

There are many ways to do English grammar exercises, which include read books, surf the Internet to find materials about English grammar exercises and discuss with other learners in some forums.

In the progress of doing English grammar exercises, there is a point that should not be neglected. Do not hang up on perfect grammar. It is unnecessary, because the aim to learn grammar is to communicate in English clearly. Mastering it correctly is enough as long as you can express yourself and make others understood. On the contrary, paying too much attention to perfect grammar sometimes makes the sentence not that flexible.



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