PREPARE. Try to set aside your mother tongue’s accent and be prepared to make some adjustments. If you find it difficult, don’t worry and don’t be disheartened. You can’t do this with just a snap of a finger, so make it gradual. Adapt to the French accent little by little.

LISTEN. To get a good grasp on how French words are spoken, you must listen carefully. Listening is your key. Listen and pay attention on how the words are pronounced. Then, listen and repeat. Repeat the words properly the way they are mentioned. You can do this until you get attuned to the French sound — like it is the only accent you know and nothing else. You can begin by listening to French audio CDs or tapes, movies and TV programs. Like music, you need to be able to dance to its rhythm and learn it by heart.

PRACTICE. There’s nothing comparable to practice when it comes to mastery, and language is not an exemption. Try to speak French as much as you can. When you’re shopping for instance, try to say what’s on your list in French, count your tuna cans in French or imagine that you are in France and no one speaks English. You can also try to find a native French speaker to practice with and talk to. There are a lot of people seeking language exchange partners. If you cannot find a French language exchange partner, hiring a French tutor is your next alternative. But the good thing is that you can always check with your tutor how you’re doing with French pronunciation.

To acquire good French pronunciation you should listen very carefully on how words are pronounced and practice. Prepare, listen and practice! And then what follows is more practice… French words are very complicated, so doing your best to correctly pronounce words at the earliest stage of learning can greatly help you become a good French speaker.



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