Speaking and listening are the most important parts of learning any language. That is how we communicate with each other most of the time. Unfortunately most ESL schools still focus on vocabulary building, reading, writing, and grammar. Here are 5 secrets to improve spoken English:

1. Spend a lot of time listening to native English speakers talk to each other. You do not have to know any. You can watch American movies or TV series. Watch them with English subtitles to make sure you know exactly what you are listening to.

2. Do not worry about grammar. English speakers can understand you even if you make mistakes. The more you talk with them and listen to what they say, the more your grammar will improve naturally anyway.

3. Write a daily diary of your feelings. This is much different than trying to write a book. Write the way you would talk. This will train your brain how to think in English. You will notice where you have difficulty expressing yourself. Then your brain will naturally pay attention to how to express that idea the next time you hear a native speaker say it. This one secret can really help you improve spoken English faster than your fellow classmates.

4. Read dialogs of English speech. This is much better than reading novels. Dialogs are the way that English speakers talk to one another. Novels, magazines, or anything else is much different. Pay attention to what the speakers say in the dialog and try to remember it.

5. Use a notebook when you are listening to English. When you notice something you normally would not say, write it down and try to remember it. Then try to use it in your own speaking.



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