Getting a high score on the TOEFL iBT integrated writing task is challenging, but, before taking the exam, you can complete some reading and writing exercises which will help you to use academic English more proficiently.

First of all, engage in a regular routine of reading for about 45 to 60 minutes daily. You will be more likely to follow a regular routine of reading if you choose books in which you have an interest, so choose fascinating magazines, newspapers, and longer books. As you read, get in the habit writing down the main and supporting points of these reading passages. Your note-taking will be skimpy at first, but, as you practice, you will notes will become more and more complete.

Second of all, spend about 45 to 60 minutes of listening practice each day. Like your reading practice, find listening programs matching your personal interest. If you have access to television programs, focus on news, documentary, history, and science programs, all of which will contain challenging academic vocabulary to help you get used to college-level English. If you use the Internet, try practicing at National Public Radio and at Ted Talks Web Sites, each containing college-level listening to help you improve. As you listen, get into the habit of getting down in note form the main and supporting points. In addition, test-takers mainly score low on integrated writing because they have omitted at least one key point from the listening passage, so you should always double check your listening comprehension for accuracy to make sure you are not missing important points.

Third of all, once you feel you have developed the skill of writing notes about the reading and listening passages that you have been practicing, you can use your notes to write a summary. In the case of the reading passages, write 150-250 summaries using your notes. Remember that a summary should be written from the source’s point of view and not yours and that you should use your own vocabulary and grammar. Resist the temptation to copy sentences directly as you practice summarizing the reading passages because, if you copy information from the reading passages, you will get a disappointing score. Similarly, follow the these same steps when writing summaries about listening passages and be extra diligent that you do NOT leave out important information in your 150-250 word summaries.

To sum up, you must be diligent when preparing for the integrated writing task, but, if you follow these steps for 2-3 months, you will become more comfortable writing about reading and listening passages; as a result, you will be improve your integrated writing score on the TOEFL iBT exam.



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