So you want to learn how to speak Spanish fluently? This may seem like a daunting or overwhelming task, but it can be very easy if you really, truly want to learn how to speak Spanish well.

The best and probably easiest way to learn how to speak Spanish is a total immersion experience. Total immersion means surrounding yourself with people who will only speak to you in Spanish. The most common way of doing this is by traveling to a Spanish speaking country. Spain is a great country to learn the language, as the locals are very kind and there is a great history to the country that you can see from visiting museums and theaters. If you cannot afford a trip to Spain, South America can be good too, but South American Spanish has a slightly different dialect and vocabulary, similar to the differences between British and American English. Just a note about South and Central America: not all countries are safe for tourists, so be careful in choosing a country to visit. Also, Brazilians speak Portuguese, so cross them off your list.

If an international trip is out of your budget, then there are plenty of audio/video programs that you could try. A good audio program would be something that you could listen to and repeat while driving to and from work. Or if you like to jog, listen to it then and repeat words and phrases back. A video program can show you what context to use certain words in. In fact, just watching a Spanish soap opera can help you learn a lot. If you are a sports fan, Spanish soccer is on TV all the time and the commentators never stop talking. Sure, they talk fast, but that is how the language was meant to be spoken.

If you want a semi-immersion, try going out to Spanish restaurants and talking to the staff and patrons in Spanish, once you feel comfortable enough with what you learned through audio/video programs. More people than ever are willing to help you with your interest to learn their language. But once again be careful where you go, as many Spanish neighborhoods could be in the middle of a dangerous area.

Whether you need to learn how to speak Spanish for business or pleasure, these methods will definitely help you. These methods will help you with basic conversation, reading, writing and whatever else you need, so long as you really, truly want to be a fluent speaker of the Spanish language.



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