A method which you can instantly enhance the fluency and total circulate of your speech is by being attentive to the way you hyperlink your phrases collectively. Though it is vital to complete your phrases, not drop phrase endings, and converse clearly, in on a regular basis speech we usually do tie our phrases collectively. If you fail to hyperlink your phrases, you find yourself sounding (at finest) staccato, and (at worst) jarring.

On this quick article, I would like to speak in regards to the two main methods we hyperlink our phrases collectively: from vowel sound to vowel sound, and from consonant sound to vowel sound.

1. Linking vowel sound to vowel sound

The sort of linking refers to phrases that finish in a vowel adopted by phrases that start with a vowel. When this occurs, we tie the 2 phrases collectively by inserting a ‘w’ or ‘y’ sound.

Let us take a look at a couple of examples. Say this sentence out loud:

You at all times do this!

‘You’ ends in a vowel sound and is adopted by ‘at all times’, starting with a vowel. In case you say this sentence a number of occasions, sooner and sooner, you will discover that ‘you’ and ‘at all times’ are inclined to run collectively. The sound that hyperlinks them is a ‘w’.


How about this instance?

Why is the sky blue?

Assuming you’re putting slightly little bit of stress on ‘is’ and never forming a contraction ‘why’s’, you will discover {that a} ‘y’ sound hyperlinks ‘why’ and ‘is’ collectively.


2. Linking consonant sound to vowel sound

When a phrase ends in a consonant sound and is adopted by a phrase beginning with a vowel, the ultimate consonant hyperlinks onto the entrance of the vowel sound.

For instance:

The black and white home is an instance of colonial structure.

In speech, this sentence sounds a bit extra like:

The bla-k-and white hou-s-i-s-a-n-examp-l-of colonia-l-architecture.

The dashes point out the connection of sound between the phrases. Wherever there’s a sprint, you need to run the phrases collectively, linking the sounds. You should not take a breath or cease between these phrases. Discover that we aren’t mumbling or dropping any sounds. Every sound remains to be articulated accurately. It’s simply linked onto the subsequent sound with out a break.

In worldwide environments, it has been argued that linking doesn’t enhance intelligibility, however might in actual fact, make you more durable to grasp. I do not at all times agree with this argument.

If you’re chatting with a non-native English speaker with lower than superior fluency, and also you are inclined to mumble, sure, linking may very well be an issue.

However for individuals who generally tend to drop phrase endings and have hassle saying ultimate consonant sounds, consonant to vowel linking mainly solves this drawback.

As an alternative of seeing the sounds because the phrase endings you’ve gotten hassle with, you’ll be able to flip them into phrase beginnings. This makes ultimate consonant sounds simpler to pronounce, and it ensures that you do not lose these sounds which play an enormous position in whether or not others perceive you.



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