If you want to improve something, then learn to love it. If you love doing something, then by default you enjoy it. Spoken English is no exception form this feature. Love the way you speak English, it may be good or bad. Appreciate your communication skills, this is vital for a solid confidence while speaking. This applies to any task you may pick. If you like to talk a lot, then you will be talking most of the time. If you love to play games, then you would be playing a lot of games. Similarly if you love to speak in English, then you will be speaking most of the time in English. This is the most important way to improve spoken English.

There are many advantages of using this technique. It has a very long lasting effect on our fluency and English speaking confidence. Some of the key features of appreciating and loving your spoken English are:-

You enjoy speaking in English

If you love to speak in English, then you will enjoy your communication with others. The power of speech is one of the greatest powers in the world. So it is wise to build a solid communication capability in yourself. The power you will feel, when you realize that the other person is listening to you attentively, and indeed waiting for more words to come out of your moth is incredible. It is a very solid boost to your confidence.

Your confidence for spoken English improves

We all know how to speak in English, but the crucial factor is the fluency, correct grammar and confidence. The part of grammar has to be build by reading good literature, English novels, watching English movies, English Channels, etc. But the part of fluency requires an inherent confidence, which tells you that you cannot make a mistake while speaking. This confidence is very vital, as it is the one which helps all of us in doing any task we pick up. A solid confidence is required to speak in front of many people in English. Work for it to achieve it.

Overconfidence is a killer, avoid it

Sometimes we may get overconfident, that our English is now perfect and we do not need to improve. This feeling will hamper any further growth, that might be there. Strive for perfection, but never think that you are perfect. Because once you think that you are perfect in spoken English, then your desire and effort to improve it further will go missing. A person should always strive to become the best, so just keep making your efforts for improving your Communication skills. You will automatically attain a level that you will realize to be good enough to sustain proudly in society.

That’s all for today folks, always love and appreciate whatever you do.You will really enjoy learning spoken English, and moreover this technique is more of a confidence builder. So go ahead and speak confidently, because you love to do it.



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