I am not going to discuss anything regarding facts or misconceptions about speed reading, since they have long been discussed in many books and articles. My concern is for those who would like to know the fundamental ways to learn how to speed read. Before you begin, you should first believe that it is doable. It is pointless to start the training, if you have doubt about whether it can be learned or not. Second, you should have valid reasons why you need to study how to speed read, because if you have none, you will, in all probability, just give up; the result is not overnight. I guarantee you that it is not easy. So why would you like to learn speed reading? When will it be useful to you?

Speed reading may come in handy in different situations: when going to take an examination; when preparing to talk about a subject you have just got your hands on; when you have been given very limited time to read a long novel that you need to summarize, and other similar conditions. These are just a few reasons why it is convenient to possess the skill. Below are the first three steps that you should wholeheartedly follow.

1. Become a voracious reader. I do not think that you will like to learn to speed read if you are not into reading, but it is not enough that you like to read or that you read once in a while. You must really have this drive to read a lot and become familiar about different topics. Also, just imagine yourself trying hard to read so fast with all words visible but are not registering in your head, and it is because many words you see are not common to you. Reading voraciously enhances once vocabulary in a jiffy. If you do not have a problem in this first step, few of the other steps are going to be easier for you.

2. Improve your eyesight. Naturally, you will not be able to read fast if you have poor optimal vision. Do things that will help you improve your eyesight. Wear glasses or contact lenses if you have to. The speed reading training itself is going to require you to read aggressively, rigorously, and in a great deal, therefore you may strain your eyes. Do some exercises that will help you maintain healthy eyes. Look for articles on webs that give tips on how you can improve or keep good your eyesight.

3. Read silently. Vocalizing the words you read slows you up. Practice reading with your mouth and even your mind silent. If it is too difficult at first, give your mouth something to chew, like a gum, or bite a pencil. It is very important that you become accustomed to this way of reading, so your concentration is not divided between reading and listening. When you read with sound, you tend to listen to your voice pronunciation; as a consequence, it reduces your speed.

Those are the first three things you need to do. Make it your habit to read every day. Remember to train yourself to read without vocalizing. The next steps which I am going to discuss in Part 2 are gong to be easier after you accomplish the above. You will learn a lot by reading.



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