Today learning a second language is important and essential to compete with the outside world. If you have decided to take up learning the English language, then there are some points that you need to consider for learning the language quickly and easily. The basic steps that are required to learn English language are not very hard to put into practice. Hence, go through the basic steps and drill them deep down into your brain, so that you would never forget the basics.

The first thing that you need to do is create a healthy environment that would automatically increase your ability to learn the language. Since you have opted to learn English as your second language, a little extra effort would be required because it may not be very easy in the beginning, especially when you are living in a non-English country and do not have English neighbors, with whom you can communicate with in English. In such a case, it is advisable to join the nearest English language teaching institute, where you can find other people like yourself, who have come to learn the language and with whom you can easily interact.

Another way that you can learn English is through the media of television and movies. This is a difficult way though not impossible to master the language. Television and movies are good ways of learning English (or any language, for that matter), as they show you the practical and routine usage of the words and sentences you are learning. You can concentrate and see how native English speakers pronounce and use words. This way too you would be able to pick up the language.

Check if you know of any acquaintance or a friend, who is trying to learn English as a second language like you. Tell them about the efforts you are putting in to learn this language. Try communicating with them in English, so that it helps both of you to get a good hold over the language in a short time.

Look for places where native English speakers gather. Try hanging around at such places and if possible try and interact with them. Don’t feel shy to disclose that you are trying to learn English as a second language. By doing this they may encourage you and help you learn the language faster by communicating with you in English. Make it a point to attend seminars, conferences or lectures, where native English speakers may attend and try to get into a conversation with them. Even one sentence or a new word will add up to your vocabulary.

Finally, don’t just focus on one aspect. Try and work out on all the parts of the language simultaneously. Do multi-tasking and try to concentrate on what you are doing. Understand the basic concept and grammar and frame simple short sentences to make the language interesting and simple. Try learning new words daily to improve your vocabulary. Try communicating using the new words that you learnt and frame small sentences in your daily communication using those words. If possible, make it a point to find related words of a new word, you have just learnt. Whether they are antonyms or synonyms as well.

With time try and master the language so well that it should no more sound as your second language.



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