Heteronyms are words that are spelled identically but have different meanings when pronounced differently.


Invalid: When pronounced ‘inVALLid’ it means not valid

When pronounced ‘INvallid it means an ill person.

(Here the word ‘Invalid’ is same but has 2 different meaning when pronounced differently)

People from Non-English speaking countries find it confusing and difficult to understand and and learn such words. Even training books give little importance to heteronyms. The key to heteronyms is proper and distinct pronunciation of a word, which lacks in people from non-English speaking countries. Such words are a plenty in English language. Some heteronyms act as a noun and a verb when pronounced differently. One should take extra care while learning heteronyms in English language.

Students who prepare for IELTS exam should consider such words in English language. These heteronyms are commonly used and very difficult to derive its meaning. When a student refers a dictionary or a vocabulary book, make a point that it is not a heteronym. If it is a heteronym then learn the different meaning when its pronounced differently. Ensure that you pronounce properly or the entire meaning of the sentence will get changed during communication. Sometimes this can affect you in IELTS speaking section.

The knowledge about heteronyms will help the student to use English language with versatality. It will make the student to understand the importance of pronunciation,so that he will take pronunciation with care when talking to others in a group.Wish you success in IELTS Exam.



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